From our location in Spijkenisse we provide daily National and International transports from the major seaports to various destinations throughout entire Europe.

UCT is mainly focused in transport of all type of sea containers by road. But over the years we have also gained considerable experience in transport of empty and/or full tankcontainers, trailers etc.

You can contact us for the transport of various transports, such as:

  • Sea container transport
  • Special loads
  • Conditioned transport
  • Dangerous cargo
  • Tank transport (harmless)
  • Shunts between terminals

Seacontainer transport

Daily different ships with large amounts of seacontainers enter the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp. But also via intermodal transport per barge or traine the containers arrive and leave. The largest part of these containers are transported by truck to various destionations throughout entire Europe.

United Container Transport B.V. is specialized in the transport of all type of seacontainers by road. Daily we take care of transport for shipping lines,  freight forwarders and logistics companies. This makes us a important reliable intermediary to get the goods as fast and flexible to there final destination.

Special loads

By special loads we understand goods that have to be transported under different circumstances and/or wishes.


We can offer the placement of a container on the ground with a side-loader. This is a truck with crane which can place the container next to the chassis on location. This is an ideal solution when you don’t have to facilities to un-/load the container on chassis or when you need the container for a longer period. weights up to 33.000 KG are no problem for us.


We can take care of the unloading of bulk goods for you with our tipping combination. This truck makes it possible to tip the container in a 45-degree angle and the goods can slide out of the container.

Overwidth and/or -height transports

This may includes goods that have been transported with overwidth and/or -height. If necessary we can raange special equipment for the transport.


We can take care of the transport of waste, for this process we have the necessary VIHB-certification. All these transports will be profesionally supervised so we can ensure that everything will be transported safely.

Our drivers and trucks have the required permits and correct equipment for all special transports.

Conditioned Cargo

We can transport temperature sensitive goods with a reefer container. The equipment for this transport we can provide with a genset. With this genset the temperature sensitive can be transported in a controlled atmosphere without loss of quality of the goods.

Hazardous Cargo

The transport of hazardous substances (ADR) must be done safe, competent and with priority on quality. Our drivers are well educated, trained and have all the necesarry abd required licenses according the latest guidelines of the ADR.

Also the materials what we use during these transports are all equipped with all the technical equipment and are qualified to be used for these transports.

United Container Transport B.V. has a safety advisor.

Your special, condtioned, hazardous, of normal goods are in safe hands with us and are transported according the rules.

Nothing is impossible for us so if you have any questions about transport don’t hesitate to ask them.