The team

We are a service-conscious transport company where quality and approach are taken for granted. Our team consist of professional employees who continously strive to provide the best service to everyone. Together we do not think in problems but in solutions. 


William van Beers


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William is the owner and face of United Container Transport B.V.

During his career he has gained many years of experience within the transport world. Where he once started on the truck himself, he has now been working on the other side at the office for more than 28 years. As a result he knows all sides of the transport.

His passion within the company is mainly the sales, but he likes to offer a helping hand to everyone and even gets behind the wheels himself if necesarry.

Laura van Beers


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Laura is working for 10 years at UCT and ensures that everything administratively and organizationally within the company runs smoothly. She is also Williams right-hand and also assist with planning where necesarry. So a real centipede.

As per March 2022 Laura is Co-owner from UCT. Her vision is to develop United Container Transport B.V. further with the team and eventually take over Williams work.


Erwin Deiman

Operational manager

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Erwin founded United Container Transport B.V. together with William in 2003. In 2009 Erwin took a step back within the organization and he start working as an Operation manager. With his many of years experience in the tansport world he had acquired a lot of knowledge and can assist in everything withing the company.


Our planning team consists of employees who are constantly (24/7) committed to setting up the most efficient planning possible every day. They keep in constant contact with you as a client and the drivers in order to constantly provide an up-to-date overview of the transports.

Edwin Weidijk


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Edwin has been working for United Container Transport B.V. since 2004. Because he has been employed for quite some time, he has considerable experience in planning transports as efficiently as possible.

Edwin is the contactperson for our charters.

Richard Deiman


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Richard is working for United Container Transport B.V. since 2021. Before this he has already gained considerable experience within the transport world. He strengthens our planner team to create the most efficient and optimal planning every day.

Andries Boeren


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Andries started working in 2020 for United Container Transport B.V.. Before this he was a truckdriver for more than 10 years which as several years for UCT. Andries Uses his considerable experience as a driver to strengthens the planner team and to plan every day as efficiently as possible.


Carola van de Loosdrecht

Administrative assistent 

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Carola is working since 2021 for United Container Transport B.V.. She has already gained considerable experience as an customer service assistant within logistics. Carola will process the incoming transport orders and the additional administrative work.

Astrid van Beers


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Astrid ensures that everything organizationally within the company runs smoothly. She is also responsible for all HR-business for the office-employees. Employees but also the management can contact her with questions about contracts and leave for example.



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We work together with Dutch and/or English charters that have been screened and with whom we have contractual agreements before they are allowed to carry out transports on our behalf. These charters are small and medium-sized independent companies that understand the work in professional freight transport like no other.

And just like us, the name “service” and “quality” are of paramount importance

“The United Container Transport B.V. team consists of people who think in solutions. And see opportunities where someone else misses them and take that one step further”.