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Compulsory entry of country code for digital tachograph

Registration of country symbol mandatory with digital tachograph from February 02, 2022


In the European Union, for cross-border transport, drivers must manually register the symbol of the country they are entering in the tachograph. This must be done after they have crossed a border of a Member State. The country symbols are in the tachograph (eg 'NL' for the Netherlands and 'UK' for the United Kingdom) and must be clicked on and confirmed by the driver. This obligation has been in force since 20 August 2020 for vehicles with an analogue tachograph and will also apply to vehicles with a digital tachograph from 2 February 2022.

Registration procedure
The driver stops at the nearest stopping point at or beyond the border. When crossing the border of a Member State on a ferry or train, the driver registers the country symbol at the port or station of arrival.
Since August 20, 2020, drivers of vehicles equipped with an analogue tachograph must also register the symbol of the countries where they started and ended their working day respectively. This was previously the case for vehicles with a digital tachograph. More information about this can be found on the website Evofenedex

Source Many new rules regarding road transport in 2022 | evofenedex
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Company outing 2019 UCT / VBT

On 19-10-2019 we left the transport of containers for what it was and in the morning we were at the start of a great company weekend in the Veluwe.

This weekend started with a delicious lunch at the Bilderberg Residence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen. During lunch we were told what awaited us this day. It turned out to be a Mini Classic Tour in old-fashioned Mini Coopers, which we all know from the first film of Mr. Bean.

During the trip we had to carry out various assignments. This happened both in the woods of the Veluwe and at the local airport Teuge. Here our biggest surprise was waiting, namely flying (and piloting) in a Cessna plane.

After the treasure hunt – incidentally won by Herman, Chantal and William – we were allowed to join us for a delicious BBQ at Gasterij Zondag. This was followed by a short walk to our hotel where we started the day.

We were approaching the end of a super day in which everyone had enjoyed it, so this was also discussed in the hotel at the bar (where else?). It was time to find our rooms, to shine the next day (some absent) at the closing breakfast.

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