The massive earthquake in Turkey on Monday, February 6, 2023 killed more than 35.000 people and left many seriously injured. The terrible images of the devastation after the earthquake made a deep impression on everyone who saw them.

Immediately after the earthquake, various relief efforts were started, including that of our own charter Ramazan Cöl. Together with 10 other drivers, he selflessly offered to transport to the affected area. After several fundraising campaigns throughout the country, four trucks full of relief goods left Botlek-Rotterdam on Friday morning, February 10, 2023, towards the AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) in Ankara, Turkey.

Along the way they crossed carriers from all over Europe who were also bringing relief supplies to Turkey. After a long journey of four days, with mandatory rest breaks in between, they reached the Turkish border. On the last day they still had to cover about 700 kilometers to Ankara. Many trucks had already passed by the AFAD in Ankara; Ramazan had to drive another 24 miles to unload his load of relief supplies, ending his extraordinary journey to help those in need.

In recent weeks we spoke with many people who knew someone directly or through someone who had unfortunately been a victim of the earthquake. This is how we also came into contact with the Dutch Turkish Meeting Center (NTO) in Spijkenisse. The NTO quickly took action with a fundraising campaign and with the support of the municipality of Nissewaard, they were soon able to organize several transports to Ankara. The overwhelming collection by residents of Spijkenisse and beyond created a shortage of storage space. After quick consultation with our partners ABS Containers BV and Hurkens Transport en Expeditie BV, we placed a 20ft container as temporary storage using a side-loader.

In collaboration with our partners and everyone who wanted to contribute, we have raised an astonishing amount of money with this campaign € 5.659,14 fetched. We would like to thank everyone for their contribution and support. The remaining portion will be donated to a local charity for this natural disaster.

With thanks to ATL Renting BV, Voerman Group, ULSI – United Logistics Services International, ABS Containers, Hurkens Transport & Expeditie BV, Genmark BV, St(h)erk Foundation and all other donors!

Thanks again from all of us!


Companies that also support the transport of relief goods to Turkey: