20th anniversary of United Container Transport BV

2023 is a special year for United Container Transport BV, namely our 20th anniversary. This jubilee year, together with our colleagues, relations, family and friends, went unnoticed with a fantastic party in April. But here we first go back in time with the creation of UCT and where we are now, in 2023.

20 years ago, William van Beers and Erwin Deiman decided to take the big step to start their own business.

William and Erwin had been working together in the port for years, but because they could not develop further at their current employer, they took the joint leap into entrepreneurship. Together with the guidance and advice of John Curtain (then owner of United Container Terminals BV), they registered United Container Transport BV with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam on January 01, 2003.

The name was chosen quickly. Because United Container Terminals B.V. had already acquired great fame in the port of Rotterdam and far beyond. This is the reason that United Container Transport B.V. (UCT) was chosen.

With a small number of trusted customers, William and Erwin started in a room on the Bunschotenweg in the Waalhaven-Rotterdam. With a self-made desk on boxes and with a shared telephone, she completed the planning together. A year later, in 2004, they moved to a larger office within the same building. Here Edwin Weidijk and other colleagues came to strengthen the planning.

The first 7 years of UCT's existence, so to speak, went full throttle. Everything that was touched turned to gold. But then came the well-known crisis. This made everyone realize that nothing comes naturally and nothing is forever. And from then on, 110% effort had to be given every day.

After a few years, the 2nd office on the Bunschotenweg became too small again and so the building was moved to an even larger office. Several new milestones were achieved here. For example, UCT experienced extreme growth in previous years, making the 50th charter for UCT a fact. Wife Astrid van Beers and daughter Laura van Beers also joined the company and UCT officially became a family business.

However, the office became too small in 2021 and so the move to Spijkenisse came. A private building at Faradayweg 2 with parking facilities and the possibility to expand further. At this location Andries Boeren on the planning and Carola van de Loosdrecht on the administration joined our team. Every day we still work with great pleasure on our planning and all the services that have been added in recent years.

After 20 years we can say that UCT is on the map in the port of Rotterdam. We have become a well-known and recognizable logistics player with +/- 50 cars that are ready for our clients every day. In addition, many of our cars can be recognized by the UCT advertising. At the office we have expanded from 3 to 7 operational employees and 2 employees in HR and accounting. The desks are no longer full of piles of paperwork because we have been working completely paperless for several years now.

Colleagues and charters over 20 years of UCT
Together we jumped into the deep 20 years ago, a plank as a desk. 15 charters dared to do it with us, some of which are still daily in our planning. Now grown to about 50 cars and a beautiful building in Spijkenisse. Experienced a lot of highs together but also lows. Still sometimes proud of what has been put down. Congratulations on this milestone!
Erwin Deiman
United Container Transport BV
I started at UCT in 2004 and in the years that followed I had the opportunity to develop myself as one of the supporting forces that I can and may be now and in the years that follow. From a small transport charterer that started in 2003, it has grown into a leading and reliable partner in sea container transport. Something we can all be proud of, with the younger generation on to the next 20 years!
Edwin Weidijk
United Container Transport BV
UCT has been a household name in the port of Rotterdam for 20 years!

Even though I've been on the schedule at UCT for (only) 2 years, I've known the company for years. Having driven for UCT as a driver for a few years, I was able and allowed to make the transition to participate in a fantastic team that is ready day and night for customers and drivers / charters.

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary! Keep it up, together we put our shoulders under it!

Andrew Farmers
United Container Transport BV
After working for 19 years at a forwarding company, I ended up at United container transport 1 1/2 years ago. Although I stayed in the transport world, this is a different branch in this sector. I had to get used to that. I soon found out that the Fam. van Beers together with a great team of employees from UCT had made a household name in container transport.

Good service and customer friendliness are of paramount importance. In the beautiful new building, people work with a lot of passion and dedication. And William and Laura, together with the team, ensure that the drivers safely drive the containers from A to B every day. I hope to be part of this team for a long time to come.

Carola van de Loosdrecht
United Container Transport BV
They have been standing by for 20 years, the UCT team. Just sit down, all those phone calls and tar codes, you have to be made for it! But the uct team is doing more than well! They go above and beyond and always arrange everything for you! Glad I got to drive it. Keep it up uct team and on to many more years!
Anthony Cornelissen
Anthony Cornelissen
Anton Cornelissen Transportation
Already about 10 years ago we accidentally ended up in the e-mail traffic where rides that have been offered were offered. We often saw UCT pass by here.
it is now 3 years ago that we, out of necessity, because we did not have a client for 1 car, made contact to do a ride. The UCT planners immediately turned this into a whole day with subsequent journeys. The driver (Rui) liked this so much. The car was therefore immediately put into permanent use.
After a cup of coffee with Will and Erwin decided to use a 2nd car. Now it has grown into the use of 5 vehicles that are perfectly classified by the Planners on a daily basis from a technical point of view. Thanks for that

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of UCT. On to the next 20!

Dempher de Kwaadstenite
Dempher de Kwaadstenite
Spider Container Transport BV
In 2002 it started for MLD at UCT. When Wil and Erwin started their own business, we from MLD were asked to come along. A big step for all of us, but we accepted the challenge. We first started with one car with Ronald and then more followed soon. We now drive an average of 5 cars. Worked hard to bring this company to where it is today. Been to many countries, for UCT nothing is too far from Italy, Majorca, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and of course the Netherlands. Oh yes and of course Rotterdam or also 010.

MLD and my partners Marcel, Ruud, Ronald and I Gertjan congratulate you on the 20th anniversary and wish you at least another 20 years.

Gert Jan van Nierop
Gert Jan van Nierop
MLD - More logistic services and advice
Congratulations UCT team on the 20th anniversary.

In the 12 years that I have been able to experience this, technology and ICT have not stood still. From orders via SMS, to e-mail and calling all weights and container numbers and now for several years now the UCT APP to pass on the work and to fill it in ourselves so that we could relieve the planners more. But the terminals have found something to do with that so that the planners would not get bored. The TAR codes, time slots and the current advance of these do not make the job any easier. 2x an office move because the computer screens of the planners no longer fit.

I was charter number 12 21 years ago, now there are almost 3x as many drivers. We have less personal contact, but we certainly don't feel like a number and we are still looking for solutions if special circumstances arise. As I experienced this myself after my knee surgery and previously with my dad, this is appreciated.

Despite the fact that it is not getting any easier, we are fully prepared for the next lustrum.
Congratulations again.

William van Marion
William van Marion
Wim from Marion Transport
I have been driving for UCT with satisfaction for over 17 years. If you drive for a client for so long, that says something. The atmosphere is good. Everywhere there is something, but that is always solved at UCT. What is not unimportant is that the money is on time. And they have fun rides! Congratulations on your anniversary.
Ronald Balvert
Ronald Balvert
Balvert Transport VOF
Congratulations on UCT's 20th anniversary.

After working at UCT for more than 10 years, I can only say that I still perform my work for UCT with enthusiasm, pleasure and satisfaction.
This is partly thanks to the reliability and good atmosphere within a fantastic team

Ali Uludag