After 17 years we can say that United Container Transport BV (UCT) is on the map in the container world of the port of Rotterdam and beyond. William van Beers owner of UCT has given an interview in which he tells more about the creation of UCT.

Where? With whom? And how did UCT come about?

For that we have to go back to January 2003. In this year I founded United Container Transport BV together with my colleague Erwin Deiman and customer John Gordijn (then owner of United Container Terminal † 17-09-2014). At that time we had a number of “trusted customers” and were unable to develop further at our current employer. John wanted us to be called UCT as a new company, because this name had already acquired great fame in the port of Rotterdam and far beyond.


How has UCT changed since the company was founded?

After 17 years we can now say that UCT is on the map in the container world, we have become a well-known and recognizable logistics player with +- 50 cars that are ready for our clients every day. In addition, many of our cars can be recognized by the United Container Transport BV advertisement since the end of 2019. At the office we have expanded from 3 to 6 operational employees and two people in accounting who work paperless every day. Where 17 years ago all desks were full of piles of paperwork, there is now nothing to see. In addition, through years of experience, we have grown into a mature company that has considerable knowledge in our field and a company that is always open to change.

Were there any setbacks that preceded this growth? Did everything go well?

The first 7 years of our existence went, so to speak, full throttle. Everything we touched turned to gold. But then came the crisis, which is well known to everyone. That was our first learning moment. Nothing comes naturally and nothing is forever. As a result, we realize every day that we have to give 110% for ourselves, but of course also for our current and potential customers.

What is UCT's biggest milestone to date?

The fact that we weathered the crisis of 2010 well and that we were able to celebrate our 2013th anniversary in 10 with our clients, charters, family and friends.

UCT is a Rotterdam company, do you still see some of that Rotterdam mentality in you?

Really! Don't talk, but brushing should just be the rule and this mentality is made for us all. In addition, we attach great importance to honesty and transparency. We will always go the extra mile to attract customers to us and retain current customers. Who is waiting for fresh air?

Finally, how do you envision the future of UCT?

I see a good future for UCT, as long as we keep realizing that nothing comes naturally to us. We will of course be very keen on this. We are and will be a company where the door is always open at Bunschotenweg 200 for a nice chat or a good cup of coffee!


” Don't talk, but brushing should just be the rule and this mentality is made for us all “