From our office in Spijkenisse we arrange all transports of sea containers by road. But our service continues than just transport.

United Container Transport B.V. is established in 2003 by William van Beers, Erwin Deiman and John Gordijn (ex ECB Group † 17-09-2014). Then a small National transport company where service, quality and a personal approach were taken for granted.

Now, in 2022, it is not a small company anymore but a driven family business what is specialized the previous years more and more in transport of sea containers and the additional services. As a result we can call ourselves now one of the larger transport companies of the port of Rotterdam. Daily we arrange transport from the large ports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp to various destinations throughout entire Europe.

For years we were located with our office at the “heart” of the sea container industry, namely on the Bunschotenweg in Waalhaven – Rotterdam. In 2021 we are moved with our office to our location in Spijkenisse. But because we were for years located on one of the largest container depot of the Netherlands and our cooperations with shipping lines, freight forwarders and logistics companies we can act quickly as an intermediate link.

Our team consists of enthusiastic professional employees who through their personal approach and way of thinking continuously place effort in providing the best service to all our customers. Our team don’t think in problems but in solutions.

Despite the growth and developments of our company we still have the same way of thinking about doing business. Our goal is to carry out transport as efficiently as possible with the specific wishes of our customers to transport the goods as fast and flexibel to there final destionation.


  • 2022 - Laura van Beers co-owner

    Laura van Beers is official co-owner of UCT.
  • 2021 - Moving to Spijkenisse

    After years located at Waalhaven Rotterdam UCT is moved to the new office in Spijkenisse.
  • 2021 - Family business UCT

    With the arrival of Astrid and Laura van Beers UCT continue as a family business.
  • 2018 - 50 trucks

    UCT has experienced an extreme growth the recent years. This makes the 50th charter for UCT a fact!
  • 2009 - William continues UCT

    Erwin Deiman takes a step back within the organization and continues as Operational Manager. As a result UCT will continue with William van Beers as only shareholder.
  • 2003 - Location Waalhaven

    UCT is located at the “heart” of the sea container industry, namely on the Bunschotenweg in Waalhaven
  • 2003 - Founding United Container Transport B.V.

    United Container Transport B.V. (UCT) is esthablished in 2003 by William van Beers, Erwin Deiman and John Gordijn.

UCT established in 2003