The emergence

Two decades full of container adventure

United Container Transport BV (UCT) has its origins in the ambition of William van Beers and Erwin Deiman, who decided to start their own company in 2003. Both had years of experience in the port, but the urge for further growth and development brought them to this entrepreneurial step.

With the valuable guidance of John Gordijn, then owner of United Container Terminals BV, the official registration of United Container Transport BV with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam was realized on January 1, 2003. The choice for the name was quickly made, partly because of the reputation of United Container Terminals BV in the port and beyond.

In a small office on the Bunschotenweg in Waalhaven-Rotterdam, William and Erwin started with a handful of loyal customers. Together they made the planning with a homemade desk on boxes and a shared telephone. The following year, in 2004, they moved to a more spacious office within the same building, where Edwin Weidijk and other colleagues reinforced the planning in the following years.

The first 7 years were characterized by rapid growth and success. However, the economic crisis that followed served as an important lesson: nothing comes easy and full commitment is always required.

After several moves within the same building on the Bunschotenweg, the step was taken to our own building in Spijkenisse in 2021. Here the team was expanded with, among others, Andries Boeren in planning and Carola van de Loosdrecht in administration.

In 2022, daughter Laura van Beers became a partner within the company, with which United Container Transport BV strengthened its position as a family business. Laura's vision of the future of the company has also become increasingly clear in recent years that she has been working at the company. With her fresh perspective and innovative ideas, she contributed to the further growth and development of United Container Transport BV

Today, after more than 20 years in the sector, United Container Transport BV is firmly on the map in the port of Rotterdam. With approximately 50 cars every day and a team of 7 operational employees and 2 HR and accounting employees, we offer high-quality logistics services to our clients every day. 


  • 2023 - 20th anniversary UCT

    United Container Transport BV exists 01-01-2023 20 years!
  • 2022 - Laura van Beer's partner

    Laura van Beers is co-owner of UCT.
  • 2021 - Relocation to Spijkenisse

    UCT is moving to the Faradayweg in Spijkenisse after years of being based in the Waalhaven - Rotterdam.
  • 2021 - UCT family business

    With the entry of Astrid and Laura van Beers into the company, UCT officially becomes a family business.
  • 2018 - 50 cars is a fact

    UCT has experienced extreme growth in recent years. Which makes the 50th charter for UCT a fact.
  • 2009 - William continues UCT

    Erwin Deiman takes a step back within the organization and continues as Operations Manager. As a result, UCT will continue with William van Beers as sole shareholder.
  • 2003 - Establishment Waalhaven

    UCT is located in the heart of the sea container industry, namely on the Bunschotenweg in Waalhaven - Rotterdam.
  • 2003 - Founding

    Foundation of United Container Transport BV (UCT) by William van Beers, Erwin Deiman and John Curtain.

United Container Transport BV was founded in 2003