Reefer/Genset transport

Some goods are temperature sensitive and must be transported in a conditioned manner. This includes foodstuffs, medicines and other perishable goods. We transport these goods with a reefer container. 

We can equip the equipment with which this transport is carried out with a gen-set. A so-called generator set that supplies the reefer container with power en route. This allows the cooling/heating function of the container to be activated and the temperature-sensitive goods to be transported in a controlled atmosphere without loss of quality.

“Extremely satisfied with the service from UCT. Our goods required strict temperature control at the last minute. This meant we had to move quickly, but UCT has met all our expectations. The communication was transparent and timely, so we were aware of the status of our container at all times. And the container arrived in optimal condition. We highly recommend UCT to other companies.”