Our services go beyond just transporting sea containers. We can also provide other services for you: 


In addition to the correct and correct execution of the transport, proper administrative treatment and handling is also required. For this we have advanced computer systems and expert staff, so that we can carry out and handle your orders in a correct and careful manner. We can also provide you with an up-to-date overview of your order.

Gas measurement

Do you have containers arriving in Rotterdam and do you want to have them gas measured and/or ventilated? We can take care of this for you at one of our partners and provide you with a gas measurement report immediately after each measurement, so that you are immediately informed and you can safely transport your containers.

Physical weighing / VGM

With the introduction of the worldwide weighing obligation, the shipper or forwarder is obliged to state the correct weight of the container to the cargo door. This can be done by performing a physical weighing, the so-called VGM. We can take care of this for you and provide you with an official digital weighing slip immediately after weighing.


Proper electronic customs clearance is required for both the import and export of goods from within and outside Europe. If desired, we can put you in touch with respected customs agencies who can assist you with this.


Our drivers are equipped with a UCT APP so that we can plan efficiently via track-and-trace. The UCT APP is also equipped with a function to send and/or upload documents directly. This makes it possible to provide an up-to-date overview of the assignment at any time, so that you can also inform your customer directly with all associated data and documentation.


Do you have a container that needs to be loaded but may not yet be returned to the terminal? Or has your container been on the terminal for too long before you are allowed to unload? Or something else that makes you look for temporary storage? We can temporarily store your empty and/or full containers.

Buying / renting containers

Are you looking for containers to buy and/or rent? Due to our many years of location between container traders, we can act quickly as an intermediary with one of our partners if you are looking for it. Our partners can supply a wide range of containers for every industry. And are able to deliver different types of containers from stock.


Damage to a container? In many cases, it can be used again quickly after a repair. We can also take care of this for you at one of our partners and provide the entire repair process for you!

Because of these extra services that we can offer you, we do our utmost to arrange everything for you from A to Z. The customer is king with us and hopefully you can look back on our cooperation with a satisfied feeling.