The material

United Container Transport BV has a versatile fleet at its disposal, which enables us to offer a wide range of transport services. We currently have approximately 50 towing vehicles on European roads every day, all of which comply with the European Euro 6 emission standard.

Types of containers

Our fleet is specially equipped with all possible types of trucks to transport different types of deep-sea sea containers, such as:

  • Standard box containers
  • Reef containers
  • High cube containers
  • Tank containers
  • Flat-rack containers


We also have an extensive range of different chassis, such as:

  • Tipping chassis
  • Genset chassis
  • Tank chassis
  • Combi chassis
  • Multi-chassis

This enables us to deliver all types of containers to location in different ways. Whether it concerns tipping chassis for quick unloading, genset chassis for transport of conditioned loads or special tank chassis for liquid cargo, we have the right equipment for every situation. 

Safety and environment

At United Container Transport BV we strive not only to meet the highest environmental standards, but also to carry out our transport services quickly, safely and efficiently, even in the strictest environmental zones. Our fleet, compliant with Euro 6 emissions standards, allows us to minimize our environmental footprint while meeting the needs of our customers. 

With our versatile fleet we are a reliable partner for every type of transport and load. Whether it concerns local distribution, regional transport or international deliveries, at United Container Transport BV you can count on high-quality transport solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Questions about what equipment is needed for your transport?