Hazardous substances containers (ADR)

The safe and professional transport of hazardous substances containers (ADR) is our focus, where quality comes first. Our drivers have been specially trained for this in accordance with the most recent ADR guidelines and have all the necessary certificates.

The equipment used for the transport of hazardous substances containers meets all required technical standards. Our trucks, personal protective equipment and fire extinguishers are carefully checked and inspected annually.

In addition, we have the expertise of a safety advisor, which allows us to respond quickly and provide expert advice on the correct regulations and applications. You can rely on our commitment to safety and strict compliance with all regulations when transporting hazardous materials containers.

“Very satisfied with the transport of our ADR container. The safe transport of such loads is of the utmost importance, UCT has proven itself as a reliable partner. Highly recommended for companies that transport dangerous goods and are looking for a reliable transport partner.”