UCT officially started participating in the Portbase Trust Chain in November 2023 joint initiative by governments and company members for the physically and digitally safe collection of containers in the port of Rotterdam. 

What is the Chain of Trust?

The chain of trust introduces a new process for the physically and digitally secure collection of containers. This means a shift in the working methods of all parties involved in the logistics chain, including us as a carrier. The traditional use of PIN codes is disappearing and instead we are working on a closed waiver and collection process with only authorized Shipping Lines, Shipbrokers, Shippers, Forwarders and Carriers.

Safely and reliably exempt import containers

Although several shipping companies have started connecting their customers and underlying chains to the Chain of Trust since the fall of 2023, starting with import containers from Latin America, the deadline for the Chain of Trust for containers from Latin America has been set for March 31, 2024 This means that from that date onwards, all containers from Latin America can only be released safely and reliably via the Chain of Trust. For logistics parties that are not ready for this transition in time, it will not be possible to have their container picked up at the terminal by their carrier.

This system will be further expanded to all import containers during 2024.

Future changes:

With the expansion of Portbase's Hinterland Container Notification (MCA) system, the processing of “Chain of Trust containers” becomes possible. As a valued client, you must nominate us (UCT) as a transport company via the system. This nomination gives us the exclusive right to pre-notify and collect the container. You can easily nominate us by using the EAN number previously shared by email. An essential aspect of this process is the linking of our charters to the pre-notification via their Cargocard number. This step creates a closed waiver and collection process, eliminating the use of PIN codes.

The integration into the Chain of Trust marks a crucial step for UCT in the pursuit of greater safety and reliability within our logistics processes. 

For questions or more information, please contact The Chain of Trust – Portbase Support