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Prevention is the first step against transport crime

A lot is happening in logistics that points to a visit from drug criminals. In the harbour, at the office and even outside your work. Recognize suspicious situations and report them. That works!

In collaboration with the Nissewaard police and national Customs, we share the message below. We fight drug smugglers in all sorts of ways in the region. Those who work in logistics see and hear a lot. So also things that are not correct or are downright suspicious. What they can be and who to report them to are listed below and in the brochure.

Who do you report to and why?

  1. Security manager or manager of the company where you work.
    For concrete incidents (for example burglary or attempted recruitment) and/or vague suspicions (for example about a customer or colleague). Customs/police will be called in depending on the content of the report.
  2. Customs control room, 088-6223100
    In case of suspicious shipments, the logistics service provider can make an active report. The control room will contact colleagues from the relevant jurisdiction to set up an inspection.
  3. Police 0900-8844, 088-0087444 or 112
    For concrete incidents and/or suspicious situations on and along the public road. In case of emergency, always call 112. For reports of transport crime or theft of a vehicle, call the Stolen Vehicle and Transport Crime Reporting Desk.
  4. Report Crime Anonymously, 0800-7000 or online via
    If you know a perpetrator, but that perpetrator also knows you, reporting is a dilemma. You can always tell your story anonymously.
  5. Neighborhood police officer/area police officer
    In the region, the police have specific contact persons with knowledge of the environment and the sector.
  6. Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate,
    For reporting mala fide practices in the transport sector and reports about cross-border waste streams, serious soil pollution and illegal acts with hazardous substances, you can contact the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILenT) (also anonymously).




What is valuable information in a report?

  • As many details as possible;
  • Characteristics of cars such as license plates, color, type
  • Times
  • Locations
  • Characteristics/data of perpetrators (including social media accounts)
  • Logos/company names
  • Container numbers
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Bank account numbers

Wondering which suspicious situations you may encounter? And would you recognize suspicious situations and make the right decision? Play the Game!

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Transport of relief supplies to Turkey

The strong earthquake in Turkey on Monday, February 6, 2023 killed more than 35.000 people and injured many. Everyone has seen the terrible images with the devastation left after the earthquake. Several relief efforts were started immediately after the earthquake. Including the relief action of our own charter Ramazan Cöl.

Ramazan, together with 10 other drivers, immediately offered to carry out the transport to the affected area selflessly. After various collections throughout the country, on Friday morning, February 10, 2023, 4 trucks full of relief goods left from the Botlek-Rotterdam towards the AFAD (Management Authority for Disasters and Emergencies) in Ankara, Turkey. 

Along the way, they encounter carriers from all over Europe who bring relief supplies to Turkey. And after a long journey of 4 days with their obligatory rest in between, they arrive at the Turkish border. And on the last day they still have about 700 kilometers to Ankara. Many trucks have already visited the AFAD in Ankara, Ramazan has to unload his load of relief goods 24 kilometers away. This brings to an end his special journey to help people in need. 

In recent weeks we have spoken to many people who knew someone directly or via via who unfortunately fell victim to the Earthquake. This is how we came into contact with the Dutch Turkish Meeting Center (NTO) in Spijkenisse. The NTO quickly took action with a fundraising campaign and with the support of the municipality of Nissewaard, they were soon able to arrange a third transport to Ankara. Due to the overwhelming collection of the inhabitants of Spijkenisse and beyond, there was a shortage of storage. After switching quickly with our partners ABS Containers BV and Hurkens Transport en Expeditie BV, we placed a 20ft container on location with a side-loader as temporary storage.

In collaboration with our partners and everyone who wanted to contribute, we raised the amazing amount of € 5.659,14 with this promotion. We would like to thank everyone for their contribution and support in this. The remainder will be donated to a local charity for this natural disaster.

In collaboration with, among others ATL Renting BV, Carter GroupULSI – United Logistics Services InternationalABS container, Hurkens Transport & Expeditie BV,Genmark B.V., St(h)erk Foundation and all other donors!

Thanks again from all of us!


Companies that also support the transport of relief goods to Turkey:


09/02/2023 - After an overwhelming collection, the trailer of ATL Renting BV was today loaded with relief goods at the Mosque in Rozendaal.

10/02/2023 - 4 drivers gather in the Botlek-Rotterdam to leave for the Turkish border after a short inspection at 09:30. From the Turkish border, they will continue their journey to the AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) in Ankara. Here the relief supplies will be delivered and further sorted and coordinated for transport to the disaster areas. The drive to Ankara is +/- 3.200 kilometers and will take 4/5 days. In recent days we have spoken to many people who have set up various relief actions. That is how we also came into contact with the Dutch Turkish Meeting Center (NTO) in Spijkenisse. The NTO quickly took action with a collection campaign and due to the overwhelming collection of the residents of Spijkenisse and beyond, there was a shortage of storage. After switching quickly with our partners ABS Containers BV and Hurkens Transport en Expeditie BV, we placed a 20ft container on location with a side-loader as temporary storage
11/02/2023 - After a full day of driving, the drivers reached the German-Austrian border the next morning. After the obligatory break they continued their journey and in the afternoon they reached the border crossing to Hungary. 

13/02/2023 - After a long journey, the drivers arrive in Bechet, Romania. From here they want to make the transition to Bulgaria by boat. But unfortunately it is very busy here and they do not get priority with the relief supplies. After the delay and mandatory rest, they can finally board at 14 pm. After arriving in Bulgaria they continue their journey and late at night after 30 days they reach the Turkish border. 

14/02/2023 - Since the drivers also have to take a rest along the way, they leave the next day at 11:00 am for the last part of their journey. After a long day of travel, they just don't make it to Ankara and they will have to travel a short distance the next day to their final destination.

15/02/2023 - After 5 days, the drivers arrived safely at the AFAD (Management Authority for Disasters and Emergency Situations) in Ankara - Turkey. Many trucks have already brought relief supplies here throughout Europe, so that Ramazan is forwarded to a location 24 kilometers away. After the relief supplies have been unloaded, his special journey to help people in need comes to an end.

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Spotted in 13th edition Carbage Run

The 6th winter edition of the Carbage run will take place from 10 to 2023 February 6 (week 13). This is the ultimate snow road trip to Scandinavia. This time we don't drive with our trucks, but there are 2 cars recognizable by UCT.

The unique and challenging route runs through Sweden and Norway towards the finish. But the biggest challenge of this journey is that the current value of the car may not exceed € 500,00 and the year of construction may not exceed 2000. And of course the car must meet all legal requirements. But in addition, the teams are also challenged not to start with just an old barrel. Hidden talents and creativity must be used to appear at the start with the most original barrel!

Wondering if the team The 4 “Wise” Kings make it to the finish line? Their journey can be followed via Polarsteps – Garbage run 2023



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Interview Modality Software Solutions, November 2022

API link MCA Road ensures more effective planning UCT

The freight forwarding office of United Container Transport BV organizes the daily road transport of sea containers over land. They bring goods from the port of Rotterdam to locations throughout Europe and vice versa, say father and daughter William and Laura van Beers.

Truck Operators who use the EDI link to make pre-announcements via Portbase must take into account that they have switched to the MCA Road API link before 31 December. The API link not only ensures that communication is much faster, it is also possible to request status information directly via the API link. Within seconds after entering the file, you can see whether the container is exempt or not and you can anticipate problem situations. Laura van Beers, co-owner of United Container Transport BV, has been experiencing the benefits of working with the API link for several weeks now. In this article she explains the positive impact of working with the coupling on the operation.

Obtain status information quickly and at an early stage

To make the transition to MCA Road as smooth as possible, Portbase has for some time been using a converter that converts the COPINO EDI messages into the MCA Road API messages. As of December 31, support for the EDI converter will end. Truck Operators who want to continue using MCA Road within their Modality system should integrate the MCA Road API interface before the end of the year, if desired. UCT has been using the API link for several weeks and is already noticing the positive effects. A team of three planners manages around 40 to 50 trucks on a daily basis. Previously, a large part of the time was spent on administrative tasks, which meant that the planners sometimes hardly got around to planning. Because you could only see whether a container was exempt or not when you made the final pre-notification, schedules had to be adjusted continuously at the last minute and it was difficult to inform customers in time.

“With the status information that we receive back via the API link, we immediately see whether a container can be planned or whether things are not yet in order. We put an order with reference and container numbers in the system and receive a response within fifteen seconds. Previously we had the websites of ten different terminals open with tabs. We now receive that information from the Modality system. We therefore have a much better overview and can contact the customer at an early stage if something is wrong. ”– Laura van Beers

To rule is to look into the future; be able to plan better thanks to automation of status request
Requesting status information is now done via the 'Status Request' button in the Modality system. In the old EDI scenario it was not possible to request this information. The MCA Road API link ensures that when a file is entered, a request for 'Status Request' is automatically sent, even before the trip(s) on a truck are planned. Moreover, the response speed is many times higher than in the former EDI scenario; few seconds as opposed to several minutes. The actual pre-announcement now only needs to be made when a trip is actually scheduled. This can also be done in a simple way directly from the system.

 “For our planners, it is really an addition that you can clearly see from the Modality system whether there is something wrong with a booking. In that case, we take a screenshot from the system and can forward it directly to the customer. As a result, our planners can start working again and spend much less time performing administrative tasks.” – Laura van Beers

Adjust arrival times independently by using the Truck APP
UCT wants to make better use of the Truck APP in the near future. Not only can the driver find all loading and unloading instructions in the Truck APP, he can also independently change his arrival time via the APP (outside office hours) if the original time slot is not met. The Truck APP offers the driver more insight and independence, so that office staff do not have to be called in to change arrival times at weekends and evenings.
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Expansion of the UCT fleet

As of October 2022, United Container Transport BV has expanded the equipment with a tipping chassis.

United Container Transport BV has expanded the equipment in October 2022 with a 20ft Van Hool tipping chassis incl. lifting axle on the first axle. This expansion is a welcome addition to the existing tipping chassis options of United Container Transport BV

The unloading of sea containers with loose bulk cargo is often done with a tipping chassis. When the sea container is tipped, it is tilted vertically on the chassis so that the goods can be unloaded. Due to the increasing demand for tipping goods, this chassis extension was chosen.

In addition to the expansion with a 20ft tipping chassis, we also have the option of tipping 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers. For the possibilities or more information, please contact us via us contact form or by e-mail to

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Interview UCT Nissewaard Lifestyle & Business, summer 2022

'Deliver quickly? That is only possible by road…'

The freight forwarding office of United Container Transport BV organizes the daily road transport of sea containers over land. They bring goods from the port of Rotterdam to locations throughout Europe and vice versa, say father and daughter William and Laura van Beers.

In 2003, William founded United Container Transport with two partners.
The company in the Waalhaven quickly grew into a specialist in the transport of sea containers by road. At some point, William went on to lead UCT on his own. Until Laura came along. She is now an official partner. "It's great to do this together."
Since last year, the company has been housed in a modern building on the Faradayweg in Spijkenisse. A team of eight people solves the logistical jigsaw puzzle here every day. “No day is the same,” say William and Laura. Every day about fifty charters, mostly contracted carriers, are on their way for the company. That means a lot of hectic preparation and planning. “Nice crowds, because of the diversity and the contact with the drivers.”
They transport goods to all corners of Europe or vice versa. William: ,,Import, export, empty shuttles, full shuttles. And everything you can think of arrives or departs by seacontainer. Our job is to ensure that all those items arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. We can do that with road transport. The goods are where they need to be within one to two days.”
He is the trucker who swears by road transport and telephone contact.
His daughter is the new generation that brings modern techniques for freight forwarding and arranging into the company. “But I also value personal contact with our customers and our drivers.
After all, it is the way to be able to offer the service that we stand for,” says Laura. All journeys are streamlined from the office.
The trucks are commissioned by shipping companies, forwarders and logistics service providers. “Some customers have been involved almost from the start. For some we drive once a month, for others we make fifty bookings a day, but we treat everyone with the same respect. We still really enjoy making our customers happy.
And we don't know the word no. We are not satisfied until it is resolved.” The team is also loyal. One of the former partners has been active in the day-to-day business at the office for years and some employees have been there from day one. We believe in the atmosphere of a family business.
That gives something extra that our customers feel sure.”
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Article TLN: Why is a fuel clause indispensable?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has sent energy prices worldwide into a bizarre upward spiral. For our sector, this translates into significantly higher pump prices for diesel and LNG. Carriers have the greatest difficulty in dealing with this. Good agreements with the client are important. For example with a diesel clause.

Read the entire article at: Why is a fuel clause indispensable? – Transport and Logistics Netherlands (

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CBS De Hoeksteen safely on the road!

Children in traffic are a vulnerable group. Especially when larger vehicles such as trucks are involved.

In addition to the fact that extra attention is always necessary in traffic, the students of group 8 of CBS De Hoeksteen from Spijkenisse are also safer on the road with our safety vests from today.

United Container Transport BV therefore contributes to a bit of extra road safety.

* Photos have been posted with permission from the parents of the students and CBS De Hoeksteen.

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Compulsory entry of country code for digital tachograph

Registration of country symbol mandatory with digital tachograph from February 02, 2022


In the European Union, for cross-border transport, drivers must manually register the symbol of the country they are entering in the tachograph. This must be done after they have crossed a border of a Member State. The country symbols are in the tachograph (eg 'NL' for the Netherlands and 'UK' for the United Kingdom) and must be clicked on and confirmed by the driver. This obligation has been in force since 20 August 2020 for vehicles with an analogue tachograph and will also apply to vehicles with a digital tachograph from 2 February 2022.

Registration procedure
The driver stops at the nearest stopping point at or beyond the border. When crossing the border of a Member State on a ferry or train, the driver registers the country symbol at the port or station of arrival.
Since August 20, 2020, drivers of vehicles equipped with an analogue tachograph must also register the symbol of the countries where they started and ended their working day respectively. This was previously the case for vehicles with a digital tachograph. More information about this can be found on the website Evofenedex

Source Many new rules regarding road transport in 2022 | evofenedex
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