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Interview UCT Nissewaard Lifestyle & Business, summer 2022

'Deliver quickly? That is only possible by road…'

The freight forwarding office of United Container Transport BV organizes the daily road transport of sea containers over land. They bring goods from the port of Rotterdam to locations throughout Europe and vice versa, say father and daughter William and Laura van Beers.

In 2003, William founded United Container Transport with two partners.
The company in the Waalhaven quickly grew into a specialist in the transport of sea containers by road. At some point, William went on to lead UCT on his own. Until Laura came along. She is now an official partner. "It's great to do this together."
Since last year, the company has been housed in a modern building on the Faradayweg in Spijkenisse. A team of eight people solves the logistical jigsaw puzzle here every day. “No day is the same,” say William and Laura. Every day about fifty charters, mostly contracted carriers, are on their way for the company. That means a lot of hectic preparation and planning. “Nice crowds, because of the diversity and the contact with the drivers.”
They transport goods to all corners of Europe or vice versa. William: ,,Import, export, empty shuttles, full shuttles. And everything you can think of arrives or departs by seacontainer. Our job is to ensure that all those items arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. We can do that with road transport. The goods are where they need to be within one to two days.”
He is the trucker who swears by road transport and telephone contact.
His daughter is the new generation that brings modern techniques for freight forwarding and arranging into the company. “But I also value personal contact with our customers and our drivers.
After all, it is the way to be able to offer the service that we stand for,” says Laura. All journeys are streamlined from the office.
The trucks are commissioned by shipping companies, forwarders and logistics service providers. “Some customers have been involved almost from the start. For some we drive once a month, for others we make fifty bookings a day, but we treat everyone with the same respect. We still really enjoy making our customers happy.
And we don't know the word no. We are not satisfied until it is resolved.” The team is also loyal. One of the former partners has been active in the day-to-day business at the office for years and some employees have been there from day one. We believe in the atmosphere of a family business.
That gives something extra that our customers feel sure.”
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Interview UCT Het Financieele Dagblad, January 2022

For Het Financieele Dagblad, William van Beers and other container logistics companies indicated how they deal with the pressure and what the expectations are for this year.

It was already the case last year and, according to logistics companies and analysts, will not be much different in 2022: container transport capacity is insufficient to absorb the consequences of the corona pandemic and consumer shopping spree. It leads to a chaos of delays, congestion in ports and historically high container prices. The links in the logistics chain – shipping companies, terminals and carriers – can hardly cope with the influx of containers. Analysts from the British research agency Drewry recently wrote that the weaknesses in the international container chain are far from being eliminated.

They also identify a number of major risks for which companies must prepare. For example, strikes are threatening in the already overcrowded ports on the American west coast. And due to new corona infections, there is a good chance that terminals in China will close. Due to the international interdependence of container shipping, this has an effect in Europe.

The workload is high in the container chain. There is a daily battle to get containers to customers on time. 'It is wild west at the moment,' says Michiel van Dijk, director of logistics at inland shipping operator Van Berkel Logistics. “I think the disruptions will last for a long time. The capacity is already packed. And where should the extra capacity come from to clear backlogs?'

How do Dutch container logistics companies deal with the pressure? And what are their expectations for this year?

The transporter

William van Beers, road transporter United Container Transport (UCT)

'The chaos in container shipping has taken a toll on UCT. It is impossible to measure the arrival times of container ships, so we have to adapt all the time.'

'When a ship arrives, everyone wants to get the containers. We've had bizarre waiting times. We are now working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to check the arrival times of ships.'

'Because of those very large ships, any flexibility is gone. If a few such ships slow down, the cargo piles up once they arrive in port. The peaks are huge.'

'Usually we plan a morning and an afternoon trip for a truck, because only then can we generate sufficient turnover. But because of the waiting times, it often happens that we can only do one transport per day.'


"I hope we get into calmer waters, but I don't see it changing quickly in 2022. Another year of wear and tear will not appeal to many planners and drivers'


“I don't see it changing any time soon in 2022. If we cannot unload at storage sheds at night, there will be congestion in the chain. I hope we get into calmer waters. Another year of wear and tear will not appeal to many planners and drivers.'

“They are on the phone day and night to solve problems, but those problems keep coming back. They keep lagging behind the facts.'

'How can we organize the logistics better? Make good agreements more often with all parties without putting your own problems first. I'm not optimistic. We are all loners in the end.”

Read the full article:
Source: Het Financieele Dagblad


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Milestone for United Container Transport BV

A major milestone for United Container Transport BV

As of 03-03-2022 Laura Van Beers official shareholder of United Container Transport BV

10 years ago, Laura first started as a part-time job and after completing her education was officially employed by UCT. Because of this, UCT was led by William van Beers continued as a family business.

Together they will continue the company with the permanent team of employees, combining William's years of experience with Laura's new insights.

'I am very proud of this moment that I can continue United Container Transport BV together with my father. And of course that in recent years I have been given the opportunity by him and the entire team to develop myself further. I am very much looking forward to continuing what we have achieved with the team in recent years. I would also like Sander Van Oudheusden thank you for guiding me through this process,' says Laura.

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Article TLN: Why is a fuel clause indispensable?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has sent energy prices worldwide into a bizarre upward spiral. For our sector, this translates into significantly higher pump prices for diesel and LNG. Carriers have the greatest difficulty in dealing with this. Good agreements with the client are important. For example with a diesel clause.

Read the entire article at: Why is a fuel clause indispensable? – Transport and Logistics Netherlands (

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CBS De Hoeksteen safely on the road!

Children in traffic are a vulnerable group. Especially when larger vehicles such as trucks are involved.

In addition to the fact that extra attention is always necessary in traffic, the students of group 8 of CBS De Hoeksteen from Spijkenisse are also safer on the road with our safety vests from today.

United Container Transport BV therefore contributes to a bit of extra road safety.

* Photos have been posted with permission from the parents of the students and CBS De Hoeksteen.

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Compulsory entry of country code for digital tachograph

Registration of country symbol mandatory with digital tachograph from February 02, 2022


In the European Union, for cross-border transport, drivers must manually register the symbol of the country they are entering in the tachograph. This must be done after they have crossed a border of a Member State. The country symbols are in the tachograph (eg 'NL' for the Netherlands and 'UK' for the United Kingdom) and must be clicked on and confirmed by the driver. This obligation has been in force since 20 August 2020 for vehicles with an analogue tachograph and will also apply to vehicles with a digital tachograph from 2 February 2022.

Registration procedure
The driver stops at the nearest stopping point at or beyond the border. When crossing the border of a Member State on a ferry or train, the driver registers the country symbol at the port or station of arrival.
Since August 20, 2020, drivers of vehicles equipped with an analogue tachograph must also register the symbol of the countries where they started and ended their working day respectively. This was previously the case for vehicles with a digital tachograph. More information about this can be found on the website Evofenedex

Source Many new rules regarding road transport in 2022 | evofenedex
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Interview William van Beers creation of UCT

After 17 years we can say that United Container Transport BV (UCT) is on the map in the container world of the port of Rotterdam and beyond. William van Beers owner of UCT has given an interview in which he tells more about the creation of UCT.

Where? With whom? And how did UCT come about?

For that we have to go back to January 2003. In this year I founded United Container Transport BV together with my colleague Erwin Deiman and customer John Gordijn (then owner of United Container Terminal † 17-09-2014). At that time we had a number of “trusted customers” and were unable to develop further at our current employer. John wanted us to be called UCT as a new company, because this name had already acquired great fame in the port of Rotterdam and far beyond.


How has UCT changed since the company was founded?

After 17 years we can now say that UCT is on the map in the container world, we have become a well-known and recognizable logistics player with +- 50 cars that are ready for our clients every day. In addition, many of our cars can be recognized by the United Container Transport BV advertisement since the end of 2019. At the office we have expanded from 3 to 6 operational employees and two people in accounting who work paperless every day. Where 17 years ago all desks were full of piles of paperwork, there is now nothing to see. In addition, through years of experience, we have grown into a mature company that has considerable knowledge in our field and a company that is always open to change.

Were there any setbacks that preceded this growth? Did everything go well?

The first 7 years of our existence went, so to speak, full throttle. Everything we touched turned to gold. But then came the crisis, which is well known to everyone. That was our first learning moment. Nothing comes naturally and nothing is forever. As a result, we realize every day that we have to give 110% for ourselves, but of course also for our current and potential customers.

What is UCT's biggest milestone to date?

The fact that we weathered the crisis of 2010 well and that we were able to celebrate our 2013th anniversary in 10 with our clients, charters, family and friends.

UCT is a Rotterdam company, do you still see some of that Rotterdam mentality in you?

Really! Don't talk, but brushing should just be the rule and this mentality is made for us all. In addition, we attach great importance to honesty and transparency. We will always go the extra mile to attract customers to us and retain current customers. Who is waiting for fresh air?

Finally, how do you envision the future of UCT?

I see a good future for UCT, as long as we keep realizing that nothing comes naturally to us. We will of course be very keen on this. We are and will be a company where the door is always open at Bunschotenweg 200 for a nice chat or a good cup of coffee!


” Don't talk, but brushing should just be the rule and this mentality is made for us all “


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Company outing 2019 UCT / VBT

On 19-10-2019 we left the transport of containers for what it was and in the morning we were at the start of a great company weekend in the Veluwe.

This weekend started with a delicious lunch at the Bilderberg Residence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen. During lunch we were told what awaited us this day. It turned out to be a Mini Classic Tour in old-fashioned Mini Coopers, which we all know from the first film of Mr. Bean.

During the trip we had to carry out various assignments. This happened both in the woods of the Veluwe and at the local airport Teuge. Here our biggest surprise was waiting, namely flying (and piloting) in a Cessna plane.

After the treasure hunt – incidentally won by Herman, Chantal and William – we were allowed to join us for a delicious BBQ at Gasterij Zondag. This was followed by a short walk to our hotel where we started the day.

We were approaching the end of a super day in which everyone had enjoyed it, so this was also discussed in the hotel at the bar (where else?). It was time to find our rooms, to shine the next day (some absent) at the closing breakfast.

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