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Increase in road transport tariff Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG)

RWG increases peak surcharge rate and introduces sustainability contribution

RWG Terminal will increase the peak surcharge from May 1, 2024 and introduce a sustainability contribution. This contribution means that the road carrier will have to pay even more to remove a container. 

Peak surcharge

In a general letter, RWG emphasizes that it continuously strives to further optimize the logistics handling at its terminal. In this context, RWG has added more data regarding the container to the data elements via Portbase as of mid-February 2024. In order to be able to share high-quality data in the future and to continue investing in the landside process, they have chosen to increase the peak surcharge by € 1 to € 2024 as of May 2,50, 17,50. 

Sustainability contribution

In addition, a sustainability contribution will be introduced, a surcharge of € 2,95 per visit by a diesel truck. According to the RWG, this surcharge is an important strategic step in the terminal's sustainability objectives. 


It is important for us to emphasize that we, along with many carriers, do not agree with these changes. In recent years, the carrier has often experienced persistent problems at the terminals and the lack of available time slots. Also given the current market conditions, it is very important to note that it is virtually impossible for many carriers to pick up and/or drop off containers outside peak times. The available loading and unloading locations are regularly limited to opening hours from 08:00 AM to 17:00 PM. Even considering night-time transports, drivers come into conflict with their mandatory driving and rest times. In addition, the shortage of drivers already plays a significant role. 

Since 2020, a specific access requirement has also been in force for trucks in certain areas, including the Maasvlakte. These requirements require an emission class of 6 or higher (Euro VI). This led to significant investments in new vehicles by many companies at the time. As a result, a large part of the fleets now comply with the Euro VI standard. Nevertheless, Zero-Emission trucks currently remain unfeasible for many parties due to the high purchase costs and limited accessibility (range). 

More information Sustainability contribution and peak surcharge | Rotterdam World Gateway (

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Impact of the Red Sea situation on shipping container logistics

Shipping companies avoid the Red Sea area

The situation in the Red Sea region has recently deteriorated due to continued rebel attacks on commercial container ships. In response, the world's largest container shipping lines have decided to temporarily suspend transit through the Red Sea. This means a disruption in the global supply chain. 

The Red Sea serves as a crucial transit route for maritime transport and is the only access route to the Suez Canal, making it an essential link between Europe and Asia. As the world's largest container shipping lines currently stop sailing the Red Sea, the impact on global trade could be significant. About 12 percent of all world trade passes through the Suez Canal.

The reason for avoiding this shipping route is recent attacks by rebels on commercial ships in the Red Sea area. The situation in the area is deteriorating and security concerns are increasing. As a result, most shipping companies are currently allowing their ships to wait in safer waters to further assess the situation. Other shipping companies have already announced that they will sail around Africa and will no longer sail through the Red Sea for the time being.

Recent developments in the Red Sea region are expected to have significant consequences for the economy and container transport. The situation is now forcing ships to consider alternative routes. Such as sailing around the African continent via the Cape of Good Hope. This may result in a delay of approximately 10 days.

The disruption of shipping routes and the resulting delays also affect the arrival and departure of sea containers in the port of Rotterdam. Significant delays are expected in the global supply chain, causing additional costs for logistics companies and traders. These costs can ultimately be passed on to consumers, with economic consequences for everyone.

We advise you to monitor the situation closely, especially regarding possible delays in the delivery of your import or export containers. Keep in touch with shipping companies and your logistics partners to stay informed of any changes. This allows you to respond in a timely manner and limit potential disruptions in your supply chain.

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UCT participation in the Portbase Trust Chain

UCT officially started participating in the Portbase Trust Chain in November 2023 joint initiative by governments and company members for the physically and digitally safe collection of containers in the port of Rotterdam. 

What is the Chain of Trust?

The chain of trust introduces a new process for the physically and digitally secure collection of containers. This means a shift in the working methods of all parties involved in the logistics chain, including us as a carrier. The traditional use of PIN codes is disappearing and instead we are working on a closed waiver and collection process with only authorized Shipping Lines, Shipbrokers, Shippers, Forwarders and Carriers.

Safely and reliably exempt import containers

Although several shipping companies have started connecting their customers and underlying chains to the Chain of Trust since the fall of 2023, starting with import containers from Latin America, the deadline for the Chain of Trust for containers from Latin America has been set for March 31, 2024 This means that from that date onwards, all containers from Latin America can only be released safely and reliably via the Chain of Trust. For logistics parties that are not ready for this transition in time, it will not be possible to have their container picked up at the terminal by their carrier.

This system will be further expanded to all import containers during 2024.

Future changes:

With the expansion of Portbase's Hinterland Container Notification (MCA) system, the processing of “Chain of Trust containers” becomes possible. As a valued client, you must nominate us (UCT) as a transport company via the system. This nomination gives us the exclusive right to pre-notify and collect the container. You can easily nominate us by using the EAN number previously shared by email. An essential aspect of this process is the linking of our charters to the pre-notification via their Cargocard number. This step creates a closed waiver and collection process, eliminating the use of PIN codes.

The integration into the Chain of Trust marks a crucial step for UCT in the pursuit of greater safety and reliability within our logistics processes. 

For questions or more information, please contact The Chain of Trust – Portbase Support

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Introduction of road transport rate Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam will introduce two new rates from January 1, 2024 to introduce for road transport at the ECT Delta and Euromax terminals. From that date, trucks will be charged a peak and climate surcharge.

Spread allowance

In a letter to carriers, ECT emphasizes that the Delta and Euromax terminals have been open 24 hours a day for years, but that this option is not used sufficiently. This causes long traffic jams at the terminals at peak times. The ECT wants to introduce a dispersal surcharge for this, which aims to change this. 

The spreading rate is a kind of peak surcharge that applies between 05:00 AM and 19:00 PM on weekdays. Trucks then pay €13,50 per visit. If trucks collect containers outside these times, compensation applies, a spreading premium of 4,50 euros. The drivers are not paid that money, but it counts as a discount.

Climate rate

In addition, a Climate Rate will be introduced, a surcharge of €2,50 per diesel truck. According to ECT, this surcharge is necessary due to Dutch and European regulations that oblige the company to make its own processes climate neutral as quickly as possible. 

ECT also emphasizes that reducing nitrogen emissions at the terminals is essential for further development of the terminals. Visiting modes contribute to the terminal's nitrogen emissions. Zero-emission trucks are exempt from the climate surcharge.


With the current market conditions, it is very important to note that it is virtually impossible for carriers to pick up and/or drop off containers outside peak times. The available loading and unloading locations are regularly limited to opening hours from 08:00 AM to 17:00 PM. Even considering night-time transports, drivers come into conflict with their mandatory driving and rest times. In addition, the shortage of drivers already plays a significant role. 

Since 2020, a specific access requirement has also been in force for trucks in certain areas, including the Maasvlakte. These requirements require an emission class of 6 or higher (Euro VI). This led to significant investments in new vehicles by many companies at the time. As a result, a large part of the fleets now comply with the Euro VI standard. Nevertheless, Zero-Emission trucks currently remain unfeasible for many parties due to the high purchase costs and limited accessibility (range). 

More information New road transport rates | ECT Hutchison Ports

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Good luck on and off the field OHVV

We are pleased to announce that this year we can be found as a board sponsor along the main field of the Oudenhoornse Voetbal Vereniging (OHVV). We are excited to be able to support the club with this. 

About OHVV

OHVV is an amateur football club from Oudenhoorn. The football club was founded in 1947 and plays its home games at Sportpark OHVV on the Eeweg in Oudenhoorn. The association has several teams that compete in the KNVB competition. The first team of which plays in the Fourth Division and since this year they also have a girls' team.  

Carola van de Loosdrecht, UCT employee, is OHVV's resident photographer and takes sporting photos of the players every match day.

Our mission

At United Container Transport BV we strongly believe in the power of community collaboration and supporting local initiatives. By sponsoring OHVV, we hope to contribute to developing talent, encouraging healthy competition and promoting an active lifestyle in our community.

Thanks to the support of board sponsors, among others, OHVV can continue to grow and prosper. This means more opportunities for players to develop their skills, more exciting matches and events, and a strong community coming together to support their local football heroes.

Together we strive for success on and off the field!

Oudenhoorn Football Association (OHVV)

Eeweg 31, 3227 AH Oudenhoorn

OHVV website
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Mussels on the Maas 2023

Mussels aan de Maas 2023 was another great success! On Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 September 2023 we were back with the Samen Sterk team at the networking event of the port of Rotterdam.

At the vibrant fair that took place on the quay of the SS Rotterdam, it was an unprecedented success at the stand from the official opening to the end. Samen sterk. This year, the Samen Sterk team expanded to 16 companies, all of which have a connection with Rotterdam and/or the port of Rotterdam.  

In addition to the business interactions, there was also room for relaxation and culinary enjoyment. The culinary delights of Sushi Yip and Thai Flavors, among others, completed the picture. This not only provided a welcome break from the busy day, but also promoted informal conversations and the sharing of ideas. The event was a great success and promises a boost for collaborations in the port of Rotterdam.

Team Together Strong

AWL Moerdijk • Bandimex BV • Baron Rum BV • Bonn & Mees Drijvende BokkenB.V. • De Rijke Group • Desco Forwarding Solutions BV • Duik- & Bergingsbedrijf W. SMIT BV • Freightline BV • HerikVerhulst Advocaten • Hurkens Transport & Expeditie BV • Kroonint BV • Maesstad BV • Moore DRV • Overmeer Logistics • Ringelberg Touringcars • ROG Ship Repair • United Container Transport BV

Aftermovie Mussels on the Maas 2023

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Doubling German maut as of December 1, 2023

German maut almost doubled as of December 1, 2023. And from July 1, 2024, also mandatory for vehicles from 3,5 tons.

The German government has decided to implement significant increases in tolls for use of German roads from December 1, 2023. From that date, a surcharge of 200 euros per tonne of CO2 will be charged. This results in almost a doubling of current maut prices.

In addition, from July 1, 2024, the obligation to pay tolls will be extended to motor vehicles with a permissible gross weight of 3,5 tons or more.

It is notable that from now on, toll revenues will no longer flow to the federal highways, but will be fully invested in the expansion of Deutsche Bahn's rail infrastructure.

However, by the end of 2025, zero-emission vehicles will be exempt from tolls. However, this raises questions, as there are currently no suitable vehicles available for long-distance freight and passenger transport, nor the necessary charging infrastructure, various stakeholders in the transport sector emphasize.

More information Toll Collect | Truck tolls in Germany (

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UCT 20th anniversary celebration

Successful company party in honor of 20 years of existence marks a memorable evening.

It was an evening to remember, because United Container Transport BV recently celebrated a phenomenal company party that exceeded all expectations. The room was filled with excited employees, partners and guests who came together for an unforgettable evening of fun, networking and entertainment.  

An enchanting atmosphere

From the moment guests entered the beautifully decorated location of the Jongens Van in Spijkenisse, there was an atmosphere of excitement and togetherness. The elegance of the decorations and the carefully chosen lighting provided a warm welcome and created the perfect ambiance for the evening.

Culinary indulgence

The company party was not only a feast for the senses, but also for the taste buds. Guests were treated to an extensive range of culinary delights, from oysters to delicious other delicacies. De Krom's kitchen staff outdid themselves and provided an unforgettable culinary experience.


The evening was enlivened with spectacular entertainment, ranging from live music by Andrew Dean to an impressive performance by none other than John West! Guests did not leave their dancing shoes unused and filled the dance floor with enthusiasm and energy, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone involved

This successful company party would not have been possible without the efforts of many people. United Container Transport BV would like to express its sincere thanks to all employees, partners and suppliers who contributed to making this special evening a reality.

As a token of appreciation, we look forward to an even more successful year for United Container Transport BV and are excited about what the future holds.

Aftermovie 20th anniversary party

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Prevention is the first step against transport crime

A lot is happening in logistics that points to a visit from drug criminals. In the harbour, at the office and even outside your work. Recognize suspicious situations and report them. That works!

In collaboration with the Nissewaard police and national Customs, we share the message below. We fight drug smugglers in all sorts of ways in the region. Those who work in logistics see and hear a lot. So also things that are not correct or are downright suspicious. What they can be and who to report them to are listed below and in the brochure.

Who do you report to and why? 

  1. Security manager or manager of the company where you work.
    For concrete incidents (for example burglary or attempted recruitment) and/or vague suspicions (for example about a customer or colleague). Customs/police will be called in depending on the content of the report.
  2. Customs control room, 088-6223100
    In case of suspicious shipments, the logistics service provider can make an active report. The control room will contact colleagues from the relevant jurisdiction to set up an inspection.
  3. Police 0900-8844, 088-0087444 or 112
    For concrete incidents and/or suspicious situations on and along the public road. In case of emergency, always call 112. For reports of transport crime or theft of a vehicle, call the Stolen Vehicle and Transport Crime Reporting Desk.
  4. Report Crime Anonymously, 0800-7000 or online via
    If you know a perpetrator, but that perpetrator also knows you, reporting is a dilemma. You can always tell your story anonymously.
  5. Neighborhood police officer/area police officer
    In the region, the police have specific contact persons with knowledge of the environment and the sector.
  6. Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate,
    For reporting mala fide practices in the transport sector and reports about cross-border waste streams, serious soil pollution and illegal acts with hazardous substances, you can contact the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILenT) (also anonymously).

What is valuable information in a report? 

  • As many details as possible
  • Characteristics of cars such as license plates, color, type
  • Times
  • Locations
  • Characteristics/data of perpetrators (including social media accounts)
  • Logos/company names
  • Container numbers
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Bank account numbers

Wondering which suspicious situations you may encounter? And would you recognize suspicious situations and make the right decision?

Play the game! 

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Transport of relief supplies to Turkey

The massive earthquake in Turkey on Monday, February 6, 2023 killed more than 35.000 people and left many seriously injured. The terrible images of the devastation after the earthquake made a deep impression on everyone who saw them.

Immediately after the earthquake, various relief efforts were started, including that of our own charter Ramazan Cöl. Together with 10 other drivers, he selflessly offered to transport to the affected area. After several fundraising campaigns throughout the country, four trucks full of relief goods left Botlek-Rotterdam on Friday morning, February 10, 2023, towards the AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) in Ankara, Turkey.

Along the way they crossed carriers from all over Europe who were also bringing relief supplies to Turkey. After a long journey of four days, with mandatory rest breaks in between, they reached the Turkish border. On the last day they still had to cover about 700 kilometers to Ankara. Many trucks had already passed by the AFAD in Ankara; Ramazan had to drive another 24 miles to unload his load of relief supplies, ending his extraordinary journey to help those in need.

In recent weeks we spoke with many people who knew someone directly or through someone who had unfortunately been a victim of the earthquake. This is how we also came into contact with the Dutch Turkish Meeting Center (NTO) in Spijkenisse. The NTO quickly took action with a fundraising campaign and with the support of the municipality of Nissewaard, they were soon able to organize several transports to Ankara. The overwhelming collection by residents of Spijkenisse and beyond created a shortage of storage space. After quick consultation with our partners ABS Containers BV and Hurkens Transport en Expeditie BV, we placed a 20ft container as temporary storage using a side-loader.

In collaboration with our partners and everyone who wanted to contribute, we have raised an astonishing amount of money with this campaign € 5.659,14 fetched. We would like to thank everyone for their contribution and support. The remaining portion will be donated to a local charity for this natural disaster.

With thanks to ATL Renting BV, Voerman Group, ULSI – United Logistics Services International, ABS Containers, Hurkens Transport & Expeditie BV, Genmark BV, St(h)erk Foundation and all other donors!

Thanks again from all of us!


Companies that also support the transport of relief goods to Turkey: 

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